Which clubs survived lockdown restrictions

Writer: Vira Kravchuk

Editor: Mariia Lysikova

Photos are provided by the interviewees.

GG-club members sanitizing hands before their meeting.
GG-club members sanitizing hands before their meeting.

When classes are over, homework never ends, room space seems boring, and you see and talk to fewer and fewer people daily, you remember the good old days of attending various clubs, meeting new individuals, and doing activities you enjoy. Things changed. But you can still join some LCC clubs that function online

The number of meetings, their duration, and the number of members lowered for most clubs. The Internet often freezes the picture, a sound may be disrupted, and many people feel less motivated to talk to a computer screen. Lots of activities that required physical presence and interaction lost their relevance in an online format. You cannot share food, travel, watch movies, take photos together, and hug each other. 

Despite all these common problems listed by club leaders, they anyway find some benefits in online club gatherings. The main perk is that people should not necessarily be in Klaipeda. They can join from different countries. For some, it is also a step out of their comfort zone to adjust the activities to a new format and feel more comfortable communicating with people remotely. Group chats on social media also got livelier and more useful.

Here are 5 LCC student clubs that function online:

1. The Lean-In Club

Lean-in club meeting in 2018.
Lean-in club meeting in 2018.

Lean-in club started in 2018 as a book discussion club inspired by the book by Sheryl Sandberg, Lean-In. Now, however, this small community evolved into an empowering space for females to seek gender equality.

Aim: To create a safe space for LCC girls to get together and discuss different current issues connected to women’s rights.

Current leaders: Viktoriia Shvaher and Yana Ustymenko

Facebook page:  Lean-In circle 

Online meetings: Microsoft teams, once a month, around 1 hour

Lean-In club meeting in 2019.
Lean-In club meeting in 2019.

2. GG Club

GG-club creators.
GG-club creators.

GG-club started in 2020 as a project of non-profit organization Gausus Gyvenimas founded by Robinas Mubarikas and 5 other LCC students. You can learn what helps when coping with stress and can get encouragement and support from others.

Aim: to give students of universities and high schools the activities to reduce stress and equip them with skills to support their friends.

Current leaders: Robinas Mubarikas, Anastasia Kuten (moderator), Ignas Smailys (moderator), and Scott Olsen (advisor)

Facebook page: Gausus Gyvenimas and Messenger group chat

Online meetings: Microsoft Teams or Zoom, every Thursday at 7 pm

3. LCC Improv Club

LCC Improv club started in 2019 by Jana Ozolina who had a similar improvisation club in Latvia. Improvisational theater (improv) is a spontaneous, no-script performance that is made up by the actors on the spot. You can express your acting skills, collaboration skills, and creativity.

Aim: To help people discover themselves, open up to challenges, to be creative, and use imagination. Members of the club learn how to work on a "theme," listen to, and support each other.

Current leaders: Jana Ozolina

Facebook page: LCC Improv Club

Online meetings: Microsoft Teams, once a week (check the group), 1 hour

4. Kitsune in Hanbok

Members making traditional Korean kimbaps in the kitchen 2019.
Members making traditional Korean kimbaps in the kitchen 2019.

Kitsune in Hanbok started in 2019 by Gabriele Malukaite who wanted to unite LCC students interested in K-pop, anime, and Korean, Japanese cultures.

Aim: to speak about these two cultures in more depth than K-Pop and Anime, to learn not only about various traditions but also compare them with your home cultures.

Current leaders: Gabriele Malukaite

Facebook page: Kitsune in Hanbok and Messenger 

Online meetings: Microsoft teams weakly and kosmi.io for Anime Fridays (watch and discuss anime together)

Kitsune in Hanbok members visiting Lights Festival after the meeting.
Kitsune in Hanbok members visiting Lights Festival after the meeting.

5. LCC Yearbook Club

Some of Yearbook’s promotional materials.
Some of Yearbook’s promotional materials.

The LCC Yearbook club is initiated and led by Contemporary Communicatioт professor Andrew Jones. Students participating in this club document community life through photography.

Aim: To capture memorable moments, events, and people so that our community has its archive of campus life they can later show to their family and friends. To provide club members with opportunities to develop their creative and professional skills.

Current leaders: Oleksii Korotych and Veronika Shevchenko

Facebook page: For club members only

Online meetings: Zoom every other week

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