Vice President: Interviews with Olesia Burlaka, Liza Nechytailo, and Nino Davitashvili

Writers: Vira Kravchuk & Mariia Lysikova

Photographer: Mariia Kovalchuk & Sarah Zimmermann


With the Student Council elections being open for some time now, one cannot help but wonder how the future of StuCo is going to look. 


While all council roles have equal importance, the Vice President's position is a crucial part of the team that can either make it or break it.


This year, there are three candidates for the position: Olesia Burlaka, Liza Nechytailo, and Nino Davitashvili.


Let's take a closer look at their candidacy for more details!

Olesia Burlaka: Social Support and Care

Olesia Burlaka speaking about the importance of social support. Photo by Mariia Kovalchuk.
Olesia Burlaka speaking about the importance of social support. Photo by Mariia Kovalchuk.

When asked about this particular role’s choice, Olesia commented that being the Vice President will allow her the needed flexibility and power to execute her vision to improve student life. 


“During the pandemic, I realized that if I want something to change, I need to be the one to do it. I thought we need support, and why can I not be this support? Thus, I applied for the Vice President and IRD representative positions to make this change”, said Olesia.


In the vision for the Vice President’s strategy, Olesia mentioned that she would aim for the mutual support and social care of LCC University’s students. 


“From the experience of self-isolation that many students went through, it is seen that little to no attention is given to students’ psychological needs. I plan to negotiate with psychology department professors about the possibility of developing a social care program. Students sometimes need support, and StuCo can be the source of that support”, said Olesia. 


During her campaign, Olesia Burlaka also stressed the importance of reinforcing student rights that many people lack on campus. 


“One of the most fundamental rights that students lack is being informed. I observed a lot of frustration and anger during the last semester since people found out the information about administrative decisions only post-factum. I believe that we have the right to know what kind of policies are being implemented and how they influence us”, said Olesia.


The candidate prioritizes social care and support as one of her primary objectives as a Vice President.

“The first thing I am going to do if I become the Vice President is I will establish the psychological support form to reach the people and ensure that all the students feel welcomed to share their concerns with StuCo”, commented Olesia.

Liza Nechytailo: Team Effort and Changemaking

Liza Nechytailo explaining the motivation behind her candidacy. Photo provided by the candidate.
Liza Nechytailo explaining the motivation behind her candidacy. Photo provided by the candidate.

Liza Nechytailo is a senior student of Communication major who is applying for the position of Vice-President. She works in a team with Gevorg Hayrapetian (presidential candidate) and Mariam Mestiashvili (marketing coordinator candidate). Gevorg and Mariam motivated and encouraged Liza to run for the vice president position.


“I am applying with a team, and this team is my motivation to apply. Without this team, I maybe would not even apply because I would lack reasoning to do that”, Liza said.

If Liza gets the position, but Gevorg and Mariam don’t get theirs, Liza would not accept the vice-presidency. However, if Liza will not win, Gevorg and Mariam will anyway continue the work individually.


“I work together with Gevorg and Mariam on the Ted Talk project at LCC, and I believe that the strengths of all of us will create a perfect match for StuCo to improve and help students”, said Liza.


Liza has experience as an employee at LCC because she has been working as an HR assistant for two years. She knows most of the faculty and staff, communicates with many students from different school years, and understands how LCC works from within.


“I want to provide constant support for the president and ensure that operations of the StuCo are completed in a timely, organized, and high-quality manner”, said the candidate. 


Liza also hopes to deal with all miscommunications between students and faculty and staff professionally and effectively. She experienced some communication problems at LCC, for example, with housing. She also heard about stories of other students who could not get adequate help from LCC staff.


“There will be an official website of StuCo where people could find a special place for requests and ideas, and then StuCo will address them during the meetings”, Liza said.


Among the character traits that Liza considered as crucial for Vice President candidates were confidence, responsibility, time management, and straight-forwardness.


“I am not liked by many people for my choices and claims”, Liza said on debates on Tuesday.


She emphasized that she sees it as her difference and positive trait because she is not afraid to say what she thinks.

Nino Davitashvili: Cooperation and Student Interests

Nino Davitashvili sharing her vision for the first steps as the Vice President. Photo by Sarah Zimmermann.
Nino Davitashvili sharing her vision for the first steps as the Vice President. Photo by Sarah Zimmermann.

Nino Davitashvili is a sophomore candidate from Georgia who also applied to be the IRD representative along with her Vice President candidacy. She claims that she chose these specific roles because she felt that they will allow her to have the power to address both major-specific and global student issues. 


“I feel like I have the experience needed for this role since I was involved in student life the previous year. I was initially an alternative and then actual RA, as well as the leader of the two clubs”, shared Nino. 


When asked about the first thing she intends to do if she will be elected, Nino commented that she will reestablish the connections people have with StuCo through already existing communication channels like “Coffee with StuCo.” 


However, since many students are studying off-campus, she is also going to use online communication to be inclusive of those who are off-site. 


“Through online communication such as questionnaires, polls, and discussions, I want to get clear, specific topics of concern from students that will later be transformed into actionable goals for the StuCo team”, commented Nino. 


In the campaign, Nino stated that she also wants to focus on providing “resources at [students’] disposal [that] go far beyond academic education.”


The candidate elaborated on that goal by saying that “many students, from my last year’s experience, do not know that they can share their passions and hobbies by establishing a club, arranging events, and getting funding. There is an apparent lack of info about the StuCo services. There are multiple ways StuCo helps. However, these resources are neglected due to the council’s underrepresentation, which I plan to tackle by being a Vice President.”


Nino encouraged students to vote for her as a candidate who concentrates not only on what she thinks is important but also on what others believe is essential.

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