How Cognitive Fair explored students’ memory skills

By Anna Audare Photo by Sofia Rukhadze How many Christmas related words can you memorize in one minute? That’s only one of the questions the Cognitive Fair organized by LCC International University Psychology major students, tried to answer in a recent study.   They invited LCC students to participate in various experiments. Asta Nykoniuk, junior…

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Christmas season underway

IUC covers Christmas celebration event at LCC

By Liudmyla Germanyuk, and Mariam Papashvilit Photo by Muzhytskyi Mykola A Light To The Nations, an annual celebration of the story of Jesus’s birth at LCC International University, took place on Dec. 6. As the final week is approaching, the goal of the event was to bring Christmas spirit into LCC community and inspire students…

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Moose female team loses in Wednesday’s match

IUC covers LCC Moose female football match

By Oleksandra Andriushchenko Photo by Muzhytskyi Mykola LCC’s female football team lost to Klapeda’s Banga with 3 to 11 score in their first official game on Dec. 4. Despite the loss in the first official game, the team remains hopeful. “The game was super intense, and I know the ladies fought back the best they…

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In pursue for democracy and liberal values

By Stanislav-Andrii Herko Photos by Alexandra Andriushchenko Personal growth is the main goal of a recently formed student initiative group. That is according to Illia Tkachenko, Ukrainian sophomore student of International Relations and Development and co-founder of the Student Initiative for Democracy and Liberal Values. The group is interested in raising awareness of issues like…

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Wheelchair event raises awareness on the abilities of people with disabilities

IUC covers an event designated for people with disabilities hosted by LCC International University

By Hanna Motorina and Vira Kravchuk LCC Moose basketball team players learning to play basketball from a wheelchair user perspective. Photo by Muzhytskyi Mykola LCC’s most recent Moose basketball game had two winners.  LCC community had the chance to spectate the LCC Moose Basketball team use wheelchairs and compete against a team who plays regularly…

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Women’s football team takes the field

IUC covers LCC Moose female football training

By Alina Kovyrialova  Albina Ciuprin, sophomore Communication student, is ready to catch the ball at regular football training. Photo by Muzhytskyi Mykola Not only do LCC women have their own football team, but they are also practicing with the men’s team and playing against professional players in the Klaipeda area. That’s according to Coach Scott…

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Growing pains: The closing of room 100

By Cierra Steinke A student enjoys hanging out in room 100 before it was closed for faculty and staff use. Photo by Muzhytskyi Mykola As the student population at LCC expands, every square meter of space on campus is becoming more highly valued; it also means rooms once used by students are now dedicated to…

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Mental Health On Campus

IUC covers mental health week event

By Maryna Barysheva Lisa Harder, the counselor at the LCC International University, stresses the importance of mental health awareness. Photo by Muzhytskyi Mykola Though Mental Awareness and Well-Being Week may be recognized only once a year, the message behind this annual movement remains topical every day. As the winter season approaches, the mental health threats…

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Snack stand: Convenient but a bit pricey

IUC covers LCC International University student selecting snack items from the snack stand

By Yelyzaveta Medviedieva The new food stand relies on the honor system and a credit card to purchase food but some students say the prices are about 50 percent higher than at a grocery store. 1,2Eat recently opened a food concession in the basement of DeFehr building for the LCC International community and it features…

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