Student Council Re-elects New Members

By Hanna Motorina


LCC Student Council was recently replenished by new members.

Photo by Alexandra Andriushchenko

On December 14, Student Council announced the winners of the elections for three positions.

From November 29 to December 10, Student Council held the contest for posts of a Vice President, Marketing Director and a Club Coordinator that 9 students from freshmen to seniors took part in. The positions were opened because the Council’s members Amy Duckworth, Nina Kurochka and Sherzod Abdussadykov decided to go for a student exchange program next semester.

To apply, applicants had to fill the online application and have a 30-minute interview with the current StuCo members. The voting for successful candidates took place on the final StuCo meeting on December 13.

During the meeting, the members discussed what applicants could manage the required duties in the best way. They have taken into consideration the applicants’ activity in the LCC community, ideas that they proposed during a selection process, and both professional and interpersonal skills.

“In the interviews, we were asking questions about their work in a group and dealing with challenges such as the supposed random room checks. We were evaluating not only how they will do in their individual positions, but how they are able to solve conflicts and work as a part of the whole team,” said the President of Student Council Amy Duckworth during the meeting.

As a result of the selection process, new StuCo representatives were announced.


Mateo Laminije became Vice President, Polina Lynova was selected as a Club Coordinator, and Vlada Vertogradska was chosen as a Marketing Director. Also, an ex-Vice President Sevara Khaitmetova will be moving up to the position of the President.

New StuCo members at LCC International University

Amy Duckworth, a current president that will leave her post for the next semester, expressed her gratitude towards her StuCo teammates in social media.

“Thank you to my team members who are leaving us next semester, I loved working with you these past few months. Thank you also to everyone else on my team for being active and speaking up, for keeping us accountable, and for raising questions and concerns. It was a pleasure to semi-represent you for a semester, and I hope that next semester is even better!” Amy Duckworth wrote.

Re-elected members, in their turn, already have the plan for their activities as the new Council members. They consider not only the on-campus life, but also the LCC community in the context of Klaipeda as a whole.

“My candidacy is focused on three main areas: student community, off-campus community, and collaboration with other universities. There are many international students in Klaipeda and we need to bring them together to form new relationships and collaborate in various projects,” said the new Vice President of LCC Students Council, a senior student Mateo Lamnije.

International University Chronicle congratulates the new StuCo members and wishes strength to realize their great ideas for the following semester. Also, we are reminding our readers that the next StuCo elections for the academic year 2020-2021 are going to happen the following Spring 2020 semester.

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