Snack stand: Convenient but a bit pricey

By Yelyzaveta Medviedieva

The new food stand relies on the honor system and a credit card to purchase food but some students say the prices are about 50 percent higher than at a grocery store.

1,2Eat recently opened a food concession in the basement of DeFehr building for the LCC International community and it features the sale of soups, candy bars, sandwiches and more. Student opinion is mixed on the service.

“The items on the stand are too pricey,” said sophomore business major Anton Boiko and rolled the sleeves of his yellow sweatshirt.

IUC covers LCC International University student selecting snack items from the snack stand

However, some students like the convenience of the snacks.

A junior communication student Anastasia Nahorna said, “I personally like the range of foods they have there,” noting she finds everything she needs for that perfect in-between classes snack.


According to John Ward, chief financial officer at LCC, the university doesn’t receive any profit from the food stand at this point.

“It is totally their financial situation, we are not in any way influencing this,” he said and nodded his head slightly.

Ward also said that in the future LCC might receive a financial benefit from the food stand.

“In three months the university will have a talk with the owner of 1,2Eat concession stand about income revenue sharing if it’s not going to get higher prices of products, ” Ward said.

As for now, Ward is positive about the overall situation with the food stand.

“It seems to be working,” John Ward said.

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