Moose female team loses in Wednesday’s match

By Oleksandra Andriushchenko

IUC covers LCC Moose female football match
Photo by Muzhytskyi Mykola

LCC’s female football team lost to Klapeda’s Banga with 3 to 11 score in their first official game on Dec. 4.

Despite the loss in the first official game, the team remains hopeful.

“The game was super intense, and I know the ladies fought back the best they could,” said Catrin Barbos, Moose Football Club manager.
Barbos said that female team has more games coming up after the winter break.

“We expect ladies to keep their heads up and walk proud because what they do is a new history for LCC,” the manager said.
Players from the team put the loss into perspective.


“The team we played against was professional, so we had to put all our power and skills we have learned so far,” said Lolita Peshcherova, a sophomore business major.

Peshcherova went on to say, “As soon as I get to touch the ball in the field, all the stress and uncertainty are gone. For upcoming games, I need to put more effort during training because, as we say in Russian, ‘It’s hard during learning, but easy at the battle’.”

Gintare Cemerkaite, a sophomore business major and team’s goalkeeper, said the first game proved to be a good learning experience.

“The most difficult thing for me was being intimidated by how good the opponents were,” said Cemerkaite. “Indeed, in the first half of the game I was scared, but in the second I got really angry, and showed much better results.”

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