Mental Health On Campus

By Maryna Barysheva

IUC covers mental health week event

Lisa Harder, the counselor at the LCC International University, stresses the importance of mental health awareness.

Photo by Muzhytskyi Mykola

Though Mental Awareness and Well-Being Week may be recognized only once a year, the message behind this annual movement remains topical every day.

As the winter season approaches, the mental health threats and dangers of seasonal depression become more and more evident

Lisa Harder, the counselor at the LCC International University, emphasized the vigilance of maintaining good mental health among students, staff, and faculty at the beginning of the campaign on campus.

“By raising awareness and initiating conversations about mental health, we hope to grow students’ resiliency, aiming to decrease the existing stigma and encourage LCC community to share about their feelings more openly,” she said.

Overseeing the Mental Awareness and Well-Being campaign at the beginning of October, LCC Student Life pursues the goal of the formation of holistic wellness among LCC community during the entire academic year.

Harder commented, “Under the constant pressure to succeed, many students fall for self-destructive thoughts and perfectionist tendencies,” claiming that young individuals should master time management and self-care before meeting high academic standards.

With honest conversations about mindfulness, positive thinking, and suicide prevention, LCC university tries to expand resources available for people in crisis.

 A junior communication student Evianda Noka supported the ongoing initiative, “Stressed and confused, students often seek help, but do not know where to get it.” Noka added, “LCC community should continue sharing the knowledge about mental health and wellness in all its dimensions.”

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