Marketing Coordinator: Q&A with candidates for the position, Alina Tereshchuk and Mariam Mestiashvili

Writer: Alika Stepanishcheva

Editor: Mariia Lysikova

Photographer: Maria Kovalchuk

Student Council elections are ongoing and gain momentum every minute. 


Marketing is an essential part of the Student Council and student life at LCC International University. 


Alina Tereshchuk and Mariam Mestiashvili are Marketing Coordinator candidates who are willing to contribute to the community and help students. They shared their experiences and ideas about their candidacy in this brief Q&A. 


Interview with Mariam Mestiashvili:

Mariam Mestiashvili, Georgia, sharing her vision of the future of StuCo
Mariam Mestiashvili, Georgia, sharing her vision of the future of StuCo
  • How do you think marketing will help LCC? 


First of all, marketing is a very important part of my life. It’s not only about social media, but it’s also about content creation, and it’s about the publication process. Via the position of Marketing Coordinator, I have an opportunity to represent the student community. It’s not about only about being a marketing coordinator. I think it’s more about representing student’s voices and ideas. And the most important thing is you have to listen and hear what they have to say, what they like and desire to see or experience. I think it’s mainly about community, and then about the specific roles.”

  •  What led you to apply for this position? 


“ My passion for marketing led me to apply because I had worked in the marketing field, and I also want to continue my master’s degree in marketing. I feel so driven when I do marketing-related stuff and because I want to be involved in the community as much as possible. I love the community, and I want to give back and contribute for the better. I want to represent students, make sure they’re safe, and know that their voices are heard. That's what I want to do for a living, not only in university.”

  • What marketing experience did you have? 


“ I was still in high school when I become a Marketing Coordinator at KROK University.

Marketing Coordinator Representative in the branch of Ukrainian University in Georgia called KROK.  I was one intern who got promoted right after the internship as a Social Media Agent used to do content creation, social media posts, campaigns, and I became a leader of the Social Media team. Also, I am going to be a Marketing & Branding representative at the TEDx LCC University Event, which is going to happen on November 7. 

  • Why do you want to coordinate? 


“I want to coordinate because I always thought that I’m a good leader because of my work experience and wide passion for marketing. It's a precious opportunity for me to contribute to the LCC Community with the nice skills of marketing, which I already possess.”


Marketing coordinators have a lot of motivation for future accomplishments in the Student Council. Let’s see why marketing is important for Alina Tereshchuk. 


Questions for Marketing Coordinator position - Alina Tereshchuk:

Alina Tereschuk, Ukraine, answering questions of IUC reporter, Alika Stepanishcheva
Alina Tereschuk, Ukraine, answering questions of IUC reporter, Alika Stepanishcheva
  • How do you think the position of marketing coordinator will change other people’s lives at LCC? 


“ What if we show students the insights of Student Council functioning? The all done product or event is a good thing, but how did you get to it? I think it will increase the overall participation and motivate people to apply for not only the Student Council but other leadership positions in the future. From my perspective, more people will desire to do something, because as we know, this year we have some positions people didn’t even apply for, maybe it’s because they think it’s too complicated or not interesting. Marketing can help people understand that it’s not as complicated and that all the opportunities we encounter are worth trying and experiencing. “

  •  What led you to apply for this position? 


“ My previous marketing experience motivated me to continue developing in this sphere and cooperate with students because I like it the most. I thought this is a sign for me to apply. I felt that it’s my chance to do my best.”


  •  Why do you like marketing? 


“I like marketing because I enjoy taking a raw project and making something worthy out of it. I like to empower it with an idea and establish a finished product, something new and creative. In other words, there is nothing, and you make something that people desire to have, desire to buy, or desire to participate in. The general feeling of making something influential by yourself gives me goosebumps; I like doing this.”


  •  What marketing experience did you have? 


“ When I was studying in the USA, Nebraska, I became a Student Council Marketing Coordinator at Lincoln Public High School.  After I came back to Ukraine, I got the position of the Vice President of the Maritime Lyceum and started cooperating with one of the students and helping her with marketing. I created videos, promoted social media groups, and copyrighted. I helped other students to promote their works and talents so more people would get interested in their skills. I designed many posters online, as well.”  



  • What challenges do you expect to face when being in the position, and how will you overcome them? 


“ I think it’s mostly combining the Marketing Coordinator position with other spheres of my life. However, I do manage to control it by setting priorities, taking into account time management, and making a planner or To-do list.”

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