In pursue for democracy and liberal values

By Stanislav-Andrii Herko

Photos by Alexandra Andriushchenko

Personal growth is the main goal of a recently formed student initiative group.

That is according to Illia Tkachenko, Ukrainian sophomore student of International Relations and Development and co-founder of the Student Initiative for Democracy and Liberal Values. The group is interested in raising awareness of issues like human rights, free speech, elections, and other freedoms, said Tkachenko.

“People should have more opportunities to make an impact on society,” said Tkachenko.

The Student Initiative for Democracy and Liberal Values, which was formed this fall semester with 12 people. By the mid-semester, the group organized a panel discussion.

“Being a part of such a small organization which aims to inspire people with no political education to believe that they actually can act towards changing society to be aware of what is happening around them,” says exited Sophia Kozlovska, co-founder of the Student Initiative for Democracy and Liberal Values.

In addition to organizing more conferences, the group also aims to:

  • Involve people from outside of LCC, said Tkachenko.
  • Register as an official organization in the city of Klaipeda said Tkachenko.
  • Join the International Federation of Liberal Youth, which plays the role of umbrella for initiatives like their one, said Tkachenko.

“In the next year, we are planning to engage with local high schools to start the discourse in the society on the topics that are not usually discussed or perceived as taboo,” said Tkachenko.

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