How Cognitive Fair explored students’ memory skills

By Anna Audare

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Photo by Sofia Rukhadze

How many Christmas related words can you memorize in one minute?

That's only one of the questions the Cognitive Fair organized by LCC International University Psychology major students, tried to answer in a recent study.


They invited LCC students to participate in various experiments.

Asta Nykoniuk, junior psychology major was one of the students who led experiments.

She explained that the Cognitive Fair happens every semester and it’s a part of the Cognitive Psychology class.

“Psychology major students are divided into groups and they decide themselves what kind of experiment to conduct, in needs to relate to cognitive psychology,” she said.

The psychology students were sitting by 2 to 3 per table and equipped with laptops, headphones, pencils, papers to test other students’ memory skills.


Experiments explored how selective attention works and how emotions influence decision making and more.

“Students should participate as it very fun and they can learn something new about themselves, also we helped them in studying by telling some life hacks how to study more easily and how to better memorize text from the books,” Nykoniuk said. 


Besides that, the Cognitive Fair helps psychology students to write their final papers said Donara Davtyan, psychology major.

“We try to understand what kind of memory people have by first finding out if they are introverts or extroverts and then asking to remember the words and in the end we got their data based on personality type and their memory skills,” she explained. 


Polina Gracheva, sophomore, English major participated in a few experiments. 

“I was curious to see how much I can remember and I could feel my brain working hard to try to understand and remember the list of the words,” she said after taking memory test. 

She also tried another memory test, which showed how well she can remember simple and complicated geometric figures. 

“They said that not everyone can remember the hard figures but I did some of them as I made associations in my head,” said Gracheva.

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