English Major Representative: Q&A with Polina Gracheva

Author: Liudmyla Germanyuk

Editor: Mariia Lysikova

Photographer: Vera Dubouskaya

Polina Gracheva, Russia, shares her motivation for applying to Student Council.
Polina Gracheva, Russia, shares her motivation for applying to Student Council.

Major Representative is a relatively new role in StuCo that has been reestablished in an attempt to give more recognition to various challenges and needs of different groups of students.


Meet Polina Gracheva, a junior in English major from Russia and a candidate for an English Major Representative. 


Being the only candidate for the applied position, she has a clear vision of what needs to be done to improve the lives of students in her department. She shared some of her future goals and strategy.


Did you hold any leadership positions at LCC before?

I didn’t hold any leadership positions previously but I was a co-leader in the “Habits” club: an environmentally-oriented student club which aims to provide a greener life to students.


Why did you decide to apply for this position?

I’ve been thinking for some time that the English department needs a boost of opportunities for students, but I never had a chance to start developing this idea. So after I saw that the Student Council reestablished this position, I thought that being a major representative could give me enough opportunities to provide development opportunities for my department and my fellow students.



What do you as an English representative will bring to this position that will help to promote growth in the students around you?

In English major, we have classes that allow us to learn more theoretical aspects but I haven’t noticed many possibilities to practice our skills. Those who focus on TESOL have more possibilities to apply their knowledge because we have teen camps or a chance to become a teacher assistant at LCC. But speaking more about the Translation and Interpretation sphere or Literature, I haven’t noticed many internships where I can apply my skills. I want to have this balance between TESOL, Translation and Interpretation and Literature practice opportunities for students.


What strategies do you have for developing the communication between English major students and StuCo and how the communication with offsite students will be held?

Speaking about onsite students, I’m willing to hold meetings in person or in Zoom to talk to them about their actual needs and then reach out to the President or Vice President. I will use different online sources for communication with offsite students, preferably seeing their faces because texting is great but to understand people fully you need to see them. 


What is your main intention and why do people have to vote for you?

My main intention is to organize a productive environment of like-minded people.  I will be a connection between all of them so that they can learn from each other, be with each other, support each other and so together we can create something new and great.

IUC encourages you to vote and make your voice heard! The online elections are going to start after the debates on Tuesday and are going to last until Friday. 


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