Clubs Coordinator: Q&A with Tanya Matviiv and Garri Vahanyan

Author: Liudmyla Germanyuk

Editor: Mariia Lysikova

Photographs provided by the interviewees.

Garri Vahanyan, Armenia, talks about his vision of a successful community that developed because of his past experience working in the StuCo
Garri Vahanyan, Armenia, talks about his vision of a successful community that developed because of his past experience working in the StuCo

Clubs Coordinator is a position for an active student whose main responsibilities are managing the registration process of the clubs, cooperating with club leaders, and distributing funds to the clubs.


Meet two freshmen candidates for the Clubs Coordinator position - Tanya Matviiv from Ukraine and Garri Vahanyan from Armenia.


Though they have been a part of the LCC community only for several weeks, they already have their unique suggestions on how to improve the development of clubs.


Tanya Matviiv shares his passion for playing
volleyball and helping both active and non-
sports clubs


Did you hold any leadership positions before coming to LCC and how are you planning to be involved in LCC student life apart from Student Council?

Tanya: I was a leader of a high school volleyball club and I continue this path at LCC being the manager of our volleyball club.

Garri: I was holding a position of events coordinator in my previous university in Armenia where I organized annual events and competitions. Also, I’m planning to launch the dispute club after the elections at LCC.



What is your main motivation for running for this position?

 T: I want to dedicate my time and efforts to support both active and non-active clubs and to help new ideas come to life. But my main goal is to encourage clubs to operate on a larger scale.

G: Besides giving students the opportunity to make their voice heard, I want to concentrate on the social adaptation of freshmen, especially engaging them more in the club’s activities.


What ideas do you have for promoting the clubs?

T: I have an idea to collectively arrange open exhibitions of clubs’ work and competitions between clubs where everyone can come and participate. This will help to attract new members and show how talented our students are. With the help of other StuCo members, I will also help clubs cooperate with other institutions.

G: I need to understand what the students are really interested in to concentrate on those clubs that the students are passionate about. The promotion campaign will include social media sites and posters on campus which will make the students more aware of the clubs.


What are your strategies for motivating club leaders?

T: I believe that every club has potential, I just need to talk with the club leader systematically to come up with the strategy for the development.

G: The best way to motivate people is to show the physical results of their work. If students become more and more engaged in the clubs, that will give leaders incentives to continue their activities.


What will be your strategies in distributing funds to the clubs? 

T: After receiving approval form from a club, I and the Treasurer will cover first the most important needs such as sports and art equipment, and then all the other issues.

G: In any case, the funding to the particular club must be objective, with the proof of what the money will be spent on and it’s all about communication and cohesion between me and club leaders.


What are the three words that you would characterize yourself with? 

T: Passionate, dedicated, and friendly.

G: Punctual, communicative, and quick to respond to the problems.

What will be the main indicator of the results of your work?

T: More club leaders will be satisfied, clubs will enlarge, and more cooperation with off-campus clubs will be held.

G: I think the indicator is when people will see the growth of existing clubs and create new ones. 


Why do you deserve students’ votes?

T: I’m ready for the responsibility and will work hard to be the best Club Coordinator.

G: I have already had a similar position in my previous institution and I’m sure that I can contribute to the community’s growth through the clubs’ development.

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