Moose Basketball 2019 in Review

LCC International Basketball team review, player Wamzy Simwinga

By Alina Kovyrialova Moose player Wamzy Simwinga dunking the ball. Photos by Muzhytskyi Mykola Moose players Ernestas Jaškus (left) and Platon Khyzhniak (middle) dunking the ball. Wamzy Simwinga (right) playing defense against Kauno “Omega” player, who’s about to dunk the ball. Moose players Domantas Trikulys (left) playing defense against Raseiniai players and Wamzy Simwinga (right)…

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Moose female team loses in Wednesday’s match

IUC covers LCC Moose female football match

By Oleksandra Andriushchenko Photo by Muzhytskyi Mykola LCC’s female football team lost to Klapeda’s Banga with 3 to 11 score in their first official game on Dec. 4. Despite the loss in the first official game, the team remains hopeful. “The game was super intense, and I know the ladies fought back the best they…

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Women’s football team takes the field

IUC covers LCC Moose female football training

By Alina Kovyrialova  Albina Ciuprin, sophomore Communication student, is ready to catch the ball at regular football training. Photo by Muzhytskyi Mykola Not only do LCC women have their own football team, but they are also practicing with the men’s team and playing against professional players in the Klaipeda area. That’s according to Coach Scott…

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