Balmy weather attracts crowd to the first chapel

By Stanislav-Andrii Herko

Chapel outside?

Why not?

That’s what LCC International University did recently to open its 2019-2020 academic year.
“It’s an LCC tradition to organize the first Chapel of the year outside,” said Joel Altena, chaplain, who joined LCC this year. “Being outside gives a lot of exposure to chapel, besides, what’s better than a 20-degree afternoon with live music?”

Hannah Schundler, discipleship coordinator who works with Altena, said 126 people attended the early-September chapel, which is about 20 percent of the nearly 600-member academic community, with representatives from more than 50 countries. LCC began in 1991 and offers six majors, both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

IUC covers chapel event at LCC International University held outside

“It is an opportunity for students to grow in their faith as well as it is a comfortable space for students to learn more about Christianity,” she said. “Also, students have an opportunity to seek answers to the questions they might be seeking.”

Sophomore Emma McDonald, a major in International Relations and Development from New Zealand, enjoyed hearing Altena and reuniting with friends from last year.

“Being outside makes a person feel more connected to God,” she said, adding that while she is not a Christian, she is on the verge on becoming one.

While the outdoor chapel proved popular, worship band guitarist Jordi Bardhi noted the difficulty of moving musical equipment.
A sophomore communication major from Albania, Bardhi is looking forward to more chapels, held Wednesdays at 12:15 p.m., Neufeld Auditorium.

But will the chapels be outside?


“It might be organized outside again if the weather is nice, and also the last chapel of the year might be held outside,” Altena said with a grin.

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