Advertising “the Unknown” Behind the scenes of TEDx Marketing Team

Writer: Liudmyla Germanyuk

Editor: Gabriele Malukaite, Mariia Lysikova

Photographer: Vera DubouskayaSarah Zimmermann


Mariam Mestiashvili is talking about her responsibilities in the team
Mariam Mestiashvili is talking about her responsibilities in the team

Have you already marked your calendar for the first-ever TEDxLCCUniversity event that will happen on November 7th? The promotional campaign gained so much popularity among the LCC International University students that all the tickets were booked 2 months before the event. However, in the light of Klaipeda’s transition to the red epidemiologic zone, everyone can join online.


TEDx is an international event which aims to discover “ideas worth spreading, share them among the audience, and prompt people to enrich their mindsets.


This year, LCC International University has the chance to host the TEDxLCCUniversity event for the first time. On TEDx, university students can share their unique ideas on different topics and inspire the community.


Meet the Marketing Team of TEDxLCCUniversity, Mariam Mestiashvili, Roberts Lanka, and Vladyslava Vertogradska, who shared their experience of creating the event and “behind the scenes” process. 


“I was one of the first people who joined TEDx in spring. I held the position of social media agent and copywriter at that time, so I could imagine the scope of work,” said Mariam Mestiashvili, Marketing Coordinator of Student Council. 


The first step of their work after finalizing the core team was to come up with the speakers’ selection committee-people who would choose the participants of the event. Thus, the team offered distinguished professors of LCC International University to assess all applications and see whom they were going to invite to speak. 


“Once the speakers are selected, you have to contact them, understand their ideas and help in improving their speeches,” said second-year student Roberts Lanka.


Roberts now helps participants to come up with effective public speaking techniques and Powerpoint presentations’ set-up that will enhance their performances and transmit the message to the audience.


Vladyslava Vertogradska emphasizes the importance of the official website for the event

The third-year student Vladyslava Vertogradska is studying offsite this semester but it doesn’t hinder her from taking an active part in helping with social media and the event’s website. “The TEDxLCCUniversity official website has been the main source for communication and expansion for the team, as it carries a lot of information for all the sides and has updates, so be sure to check it out!” she said.



Mariam, in turn, added that her work is concentrated on coming up with the program of the event and finding people who are going to perform during the breaks. Also, she posts information about speakers and creates content for the social media pages.


“On Instagram, we have a business account so it’s very easy to track the impact of our promotional campaigns. Many people approached me during the past weeks asking about this event so I believe our marketing efforts are successful,” added Mariam.


The team shared that TEDxLCCUniversity is not like an ordinary TEDx because it innovated the structure of the speeches and developed an exciting approach to the organization of the event.


No spoilers about the topics of the speeches, but I feel that the fact of organizing this event at LCC International University is innovative by itself. It is just amazing that in the midst of the pandemic, with the help of technology and group chats, we could manage these processes and make it happen!” said Mariam.

As less than a week is left until the event, the core team wants to dedicate more time to the topics that will be heartfelt to many people. Therefore, they intend to put such speeches at the finale of the event to end on a positive note.

Roberts Lanka is sharing the goal of TEDxLCCUniversity event
Roberts Lanka is sharing the goal of TEDxLCCUniversity event

“Whenever you go mining for diamonds, you can find a big rock full of impurities but once you start taking away the chips, you finally get the full piece of great material. That is what TEDx tries to do: we take the ideas, we refine them many times and at the end, we have one crystalized idea,”shared Roberts.


Mariam added that the quarantine in Klaipeda changed their plans significantly as, at this point, no more than five people can gather for the events. 


“We can’t postpone it because all the preparations have already been done; therefore, we are switching to a completely online format,” Mariam said.


We wish the participants and the core team the best of luck and encourage LCC International University students to check the TEDxLCCUniversity’s Facebook and Instagram, as well as their website to get more information about the participants and the live-stream of the event. Join the first-ever TEDxLCCUniversity event and get inspired by the great ideas you will hear!

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