Story Guidelines

  • Publication of stories is at the discretion of the student editors, with the Editor-in-Chief making all final decisions.


  • News stories must be reported from a minimum of three sources. Only the editors can make an exception for this convention and must do so when the story is first assigned, due to an assumed unorthodox nature of the piece.


  • Absolutely no plagiarism will be tolerated. If a student submits a story with any elements of plagiarism, the student will no longer be considered for publication in the student media for the remainder of his or her time at LCC International University and may face additional academic consequences. Editors who plagiarize will be terminated.


  • Stories must be related and relevant to LCC International University and its students, staff and faculty. This does not mean that the SM won't cover events or issues outside of the college campus, but coverage of those stories must be done in a way that is specifically relevant to the SM readership.