Corrections Policies

The SM values accuracy and will correct all factual errors and clarify any unclear or misleading information, as determined by the editors in consultation with the adviser.

When a student media is critiqued, errors should be noted so that corrections can be issued in the following edition. Corrections will appear on the Editorial page along with the Letter from the Editor.

Corrections should:

  • correct misspelled names.
  • correct facts.
  • correct quotes.
  • address missing attributions.
  • identify the story in which the error occurred and the date of the edition.
  • corrections should not repeat the mistake in the correction unless that is necessary to explain the error.
  • corrections are unnecessary for misspelled words unless the misspelling results in a different word being used.


Web Corrections Policy: When correcting an error in fact for a story on the web, be sure to note at the top of the story the time of the correction. Fix the error within the body of the story. Add a note at the end saying “The story has been revised to reflect the following correction:” and then explain what it was wrong and how was fixed.