Ad Policies

The SM allows businesses to reach a market of college students, faculty and staff, informing them of available products and services. Advertising revenue constitutes a portion of the SM’s funding. The main forms of advertisement are on–campus organizations (any departments or schools), local advertising (or retail advertising), national advertising (provided by third party agencies) and inserts. The SM does not currently have the staff to accept classified ads.

The SM staff reserves the right to deny any advertisement it feels violates any policy criteria.

The SM DOES NOT accept advertising:

  • that conflicts with services already offered by our institution. Included within this is a prohibition against advertising for other schools.
  • of explicit material.
  • containing or suggesting false, exaggerated or misleading statements, claims or implications.
  • containing attacks whether they are personal, sexist, racial, political or religious.
  • of deceptive or grossly exaggerated advertisements.
  • containing unwarranted claims which disparage products, services or the reputation of another entity.
  • that violates any law, regulation or ordinance whether it be university, municipal, state or federal.
  • which is vulgar.
  • seeking egg donors, sperm samples or surrogate mother services or advertising for tobacco products, multi-level marketing, adult entertainment, contraceptives, gambling, term student medias, 1-900 numbers, chain letters, firearms, personals, drug paraphernalia, ticket scalping, alcohol or any ads for restaurants that may be deemed to promote underage drinking, at the discretion of the adviser.
  • for puppies up for adoption or sale or any ads from parents purporting to be looking for a baby to adopt.

This strict restriction is not based on a judgment made about any individual advertisement or advertiser.


The ultimate authority in determining whether an advertisement is acceptable resides with the Adviser. The Adviser approves all ads before they run and no ad may be placed that has not been approved by the adviser.


The SM may run small, text-only Public Service Announcements submitted by organizations or departments on campus as space allows. PSAs are not to advertise events or parties. They are restricted to information that is important to students’ educational and professional goals. Application deadlines for an honor society are one example of a possible PSA the SM would consider. The SM cannot guarantee space for any PSAs and on-campus organizations and departments are encouraged to purchase space if their ad is vital to them.