About Us

  • Our Values

    We care about our community and value your privacy and on the same hand, your right to know all the latest. 

  • Road Map

    Establish a presence in the digital space for the community so they all can get stronger together and support their community with almost unlimited possibilities in the future for the business to grow

  • Our Goals

    Establish a stronger sense of a community by delivering the news in which all our readers can get involved with and share

  • Our Mission

    Impartiality is key - we keep our emotions and feelings outside our workplace

Who We Are

A group of LCC International University students put together as a journalism team by the contemporary communication department faculty.

Our team knows the value of hard work and knows when to take a step back and get away from it all to be able to do their jobs right without distractions. Inspirational and ecstatic to start the new journey and do our best and lead the way for future students.

Disclosure: We are operating independently from the university but operate from within.

International and yet, interconnected

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