10 Christmas Songs You Probably Haven’t Heard Before

Author: Jana Ozoliņa

Editor: Mariia Lysikova

Photos were taken from Unsplash creators.


Yes, THAT TIME OF THE YEAR is coming! How about playing those Christmas tunes?

But oh wait! Are you sick of hearing Maraya Carrey telling you what she wants for Christmas? Exhausted of Wham singing about giving his heart to someone who breaks it (stepping on the same rack every year)? 

If you answered yes, here are 10 Christmas songs you probably haven’t heard before that you may like! Get ready to feel the holiday spirit without the usual cliches!

Click on the song to be taken straight to YouTube and give it a listen!

Ahh...what could be better than Christmas Jazz?  Nothing! This is a beautiful classic song played in Jazz style that will put you in a relaxed mood while writing your essay, homework, or when you are simply enjoying a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  You better watch out, you might like it too much!

Why? The melody sounds very festive even though it is not a Christmas song. In my head, New York goes hand in hand with Christmas and “I want to wake up in that city that does not sleep”. It is probably the influence of those Christmas movies. Come on, give the big city a try, I know you want to!

Here is something for those indie style song lovers.  I recommend hugging someone close to you during this song 😉

Because even “this holiday, we’re gonna be okay”!

Sam Smith will make you feel safe and cozy with this beautiful and slow song. It will fit the mood if you want to listen to something festive while working or reading a book.

My personal favorite. If you are tired of the usual sound of Christmas songs, this is the perfect alternative for you. 10/10 for that different holiday vibe.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then this song is perfect for you! Grab that gingerbread cookie with a delicious frosting on top, bite into it, and put this song in the background for better enjoyment.

Funky and relatable song. Because sometimes all you can gift for Christmas is yourself 😉

Adding some spice to this list. This song is for those who want to feel like the stars of a Christmas Broadway show. So if you want to release that performer inside of you, go ahead, play it, and dance like nobody is watching!

Is this rock? Not really. I can guarantee you have not heard this song before, and if you did, why not listen to it again!

Now that your playlist is updated you are ready to celebrate, Merry Christmas!

Do you have other alternative song suggestions to add to the list? Leave them in the comments!

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